Soaps and Detergents Can Harm Your Hot Tub

Soaps and Detergents Can Harm Your Hot Tub

When you bring a hot tub to your home, you are looking to enjoy a relaxing period of time that can give you many physical and mental health benefits. These benefits can range from lowering your stress levels to easing the pain of aching muscles that can be caused by work, exercise, and strenuous activities. You will find grime and dirt in your hot tub from time to time, leading to the question of how to clean your tub effectively. Many people look to everyday cleaning products to clean their equipment but we believe the specialist products from our hot tub store in Exton, PA are the best option.

Erosion of Your Hot Tub

When you are looking for cleaning products for your hot tub, you should remember you are working with a specialist piece of equipment. We understand you want to remove all the dirt and grime that can buildup in your hot tub, but the dish and laundry detergents can cause corrosion of the liner and filters. If you do not rinse soaps and detergents out of your hot tub, you will begin to notice the erosion of your hot tub will speed up.

Residue and Foam Buildup

If you ask hot tub dealers in Bucks County, PA, you will hear the many stories of problems caused by soaps and detergents. Many people choose to ignore our advice and use dish soap and laundry detergent to clean their hot tubs, but this can lead to the buildup of a film and residue on the surface of your water. The buildup is caused by the chemicals and ingredients used in soaps and detergents that do not interact well with the treated water in your hot tub.

Do not use Shampoos and Body Wash

You should remember your hot tub is not a bathtub to be used to wash your hair and body. If you use shampoo and body soap in your hot tub, you will find the cycle will make bubbles in your water. These bubbles can be difficult to get rid of and require the cleaning of your filters to stop the emergence of more bubbles each time you turn on your hot tub.

Use the Correct Chemicals

Installing and using a hot tub requires the use of specialty chemicals and water testing we believe are the best ways of caring for your heated water. Regular water testing and a close relationship with our team of hot tub experts will help you to find the correct way of looking after your hot tub. Water testing will give you an idea of the safety of your hot tub water and which chemicals you need to keep your water clean and clear. 

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