The 5 Most Sought After Hot Tubs for 2021

The 5 Most Sought After Hot Tubs for 2021

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If you’re in the market for a new hot tub in 2021, then we have the best hot tubs and spas in Delaware County, PA for you. To make your search easier, here are the top five most sought-after hot tubs of 2021 that you can find at Spring Dance Hot Tubs.

1. Hot Springs Envoy 5-Person Hot Tub

For larger families or for those who love to have parties in their hot tubs, look no further than the Hot Springs Envoy 5-Person Hot Tub. This tub features five large seats that you can easily sink into. The jets on this hot tub are unlike anything else. It features a Moto-Massage DX jet that actually moves up and down to give you a unique message.

Another great feature of this tub is its saltwater system. It keeps your water balanced and clean without the use of extra chemicals.

2. Hot Springs TX 2-Person Hot Tub

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you only need your hot tub for two people or you need a hot tub that can fit into a tiny space, then you must check out the Hot Springs TX 2-Person Hot Tub. This hot tub is the best at what it does–provide a relaxing space that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

This tub features 10 jets that massage you where you need it the most. It even comes with the Moto-Massage system that moves along your back and neck, providing maximum comfort.

3. Caldera Geneva 6-Person Tub

If you want a lot of space in your tub, then you need to consider the Caldera Geneva 6-Person Hot Tub. Caldera is known for its luxurious hot tubs. The Geneva model is among its best. Offering lots of legroom and jets that provide foot massages as well as full-body massages, you’re going to live the high life with this tub.

One of its best features is its emphasis on energy-efficiency. Using a FiberCor cabinet, the insulation of your tub is better than ever.

4. Caldera Provence 4-Person Hot Tub

Those who want luxury but need a smaller tub will love the Provence model from Caldera. It features many of the same qualities as the Geneva model except at a smaller size. This tub, in particular, has a His and Her side equipped with jets where you need them the most.

It also has a control system that allows you to set up your hydrotherapy routine.

5. Freeflow Aptos 5-Person Hot Tub

Those who need a more portable option will love the Aptos model from Freeflow. Easily fitting five people within it, the Aptos is still compact enough to be able to fit on some balconies and porches. It comes with a standard 110V outlet that allows you to plug the tub into any outlet practically anywhere. This tub is great for those who want an affordable option or are renters and can’t have a standard hot tub installed on the property.

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