What Can Cause a Cover to Become Waterlogged

What Can Cause a Cover to Become Waterlogged

When a hot tub cover becomes very heavy, it is likely waterlogged. This issue weakens the hot tub cover, lowering the protection level. As a hot tub owner, you will always want to protect your investment. Find out why water logging occurs and what you can do to prevent this from happening again.

Cracks in the Hot Tub Cover

The hot tub cover becomes ineffective when the foam core gets soaked with water. When a cover is very heavy, the foam core, located underneath the top part of the cover, is waterlogged. This means that cracks have formed in the cover.

To prevent cracks, avoid placing objects on top of the hot tub cover. Heavy objects weaken the foam in the cover, and eventually, cracks will form.

Water Chemistry Balance

If the water chemistry is always unbalanced in a hot tub, over time the cover will become waterlogged. A vapor barrier surrounds the foam core. Unbalanced water chemistry will eventually cause corrosion, and corrosion dissolves the vapor barrier. As a result, the foam core on the cover gets damaged.

The water chemistry in the hot tub changes when chemicals are added to the water to kill bacteria, algae, and other harmful substances. But purifying chemicals must be added to enhance the longevity of the hot tub.

To keep waterlogging from happening, leave the cover off for two hours after chemicals are added to the hot tub. This will prevent the gas from deteriorating the vapor barrier and waterlogging the cover.

The Side Effects of a Waterlogged Cover

  • A waterlogged cover is not effective at protecting a hot tub from the outside elements. It will be susceptible to dust, snow, air pollution, and rainfall.
  • The internal casing of a hot tub will be left exposed. This can equate to more hot tub repairs caused by outside pollutants.
  • Higher energy costs are another result of a waterlogged cover. The heat stays longer in the hot tub when an undamaged cover is placed over it.

Steps to Take to Remedy a Waterlogged Cover

If your cover has become waterlogged, it is recommended to purchase a replacement from a reputable dealer of hot tub covers in Exton, PA. The best dealers also repair hot tubs in Delaware County, PA.

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