6 Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean And Soothing All Summer Long

6 Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean And Soothing All Summer Long

Your hot tub can keep you comfortable all summer long. However, for you to get the most out of it, you will have to keep it clean. You will also have to perform basic maintenance on it. There are several things that you need to do to keep your hot tub clean.

Inspect Your Hot Tub for Problems

Most people can recognize the sign of a serious hot tub problem, such as heater failure or a malfunctioning pump. However, there are more subtle signs that you may notice if there is something wrong with your hot tub. You shouldn’t have white-scale deposits in your water. Your water shouldn’t have a strange odor either.

You will need to call a professional if something is wrong with your hot tub. You can also go to the hot tub store in Exton, PA to get what you need.

Test the PH

You need to make sure that the PH of your hot tub is within the ideal range. Both low and high PH can create problems for your tub. Your sanitizers will not work properly if the PH is too low. High PH water is more likely to form scale.

Change the Spa Filter regularly

The spa filter is designed to help keep contaminants out of the water. That is why you will need to change your spa filter regularly according to the instructions in the owner’s manual for your hot tub model. 

Keep the Water at the Appropriate Temperature

The temperature of your hot tub should be between 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is too high, then this can cause you to get drowsy. This can cause one to fall asleep, which can increase the risk of drowning.

Cover Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub can get contaminated with bugs and leaves. That is why you need to put a cover over your hot tub.

Clean Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub needs to be cleaned and sanitized at least once a week. You will need to drain and flush your hot tub three or four times per year. Additionally, the tub cover itself needs to be cleaned.

If things are floating around in your water that you can see, then you should remove them as soon as possible. You can use a net to get things in your hot tub if they are hard to reach

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  1. I am a new hot tub owner does my hot tub continuously heat without anyone using it and if it does, does it have any kind of circulation that intermittently circulates the water

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