Spa Valet and Maintenance services

With our Spa Valet Packages, we take care of your spa so you don’t have to worry!

We have weekly maintenance packages for your hot tub or swim spa, or have monthly checks to make sure your spa is always ready for you to use it!

Our Valet Plans Include: 

Test and Balance

With every spa valet plan, we will test the hot tub water and balance it as needed. We’ll clean the filters and vacuum the spa.

Drain and Clean

For the valet plans that include it, we will fully drain and clean your spa 2 times a year to ensure it’s always sanitized, no matter the season.

Included at every visit

At every visit we will add water to the spa if level is low, replace your Silver Ion Cartridge and clean your Salt Water cell & reset the controls (if applicable).

Our Spa Valet packages start at just $89/month. You can sign up for the package that is right for you here on our website.

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