5 Things to Consider When Installing Your Hot Tub

5 Things to Consider When Installing Your Hot Tub

Before you choose just any location for your hot tub, you should take some to consider its location and other details. Once your hot tub is installed, it will be very difficult to move it afterward. Here are five things to consider when installing your hot tub.

1. Location

One of the most important aspects to consider about your hot tub installation is the placement of it. You don’t want your hot tub too far from the house. Otherwise, it may not be convenient to go to and from it. However, you may not want it close to your neighbors either.

You should also consider nearby trees and other problematic aspects. The location of your hot tub should be in a place where hot tub installation is easy but also convenient for your use.

2. Safety Concerns

You should also consider any safety risks. Take the time to examine your yard. Is there a place that tends to flood? If so, then installing a hot tub may not be a great idea for that particular location.

You’ll also want to consider trees. A bad storm may make branches fall and damage the tub. Your hot tub should be in a clear area where safety isn’t a concern.

3. Size of Hot Tub

The size of your hot tub is something else to consider. If you want a deck around it, then you need to make sure that there’s enough room on your deck or to add a deck around it. It should also be wide enough to allow you to easily step in and out of the hot tub. You also need to make sure that the hot tub controls and plumbing can be accessed if there is ever a service issue. Discuss your plans with your salesperson if you plan to build a deck around your tub. 

You also need to consider what size fits your needs. Our local hot tub dealers in Bucks County, PA can help you find the perfect size.

4. Indoor or Outdoor

Certain hot tubs may be able to be installed indoors in rooms or areas made specifically for them. There are a few advantages of having an indoor hot tub like the ease of use and the ability to comfortably use it during the winter without the chilly walk to and from the spa!

5. Filling and Emptying Capabilities

You’ll need to be able to empty and fill your hot tub over the year to keep it clean and perform maintenance. If the hot tub is close to the house, then you may not be able to empty it how you want to. If it’s too far away from the house, then your hose may not be able to reach it to fill it back up.

Choosing the right distance away from your home can keep your home safe and prevent the use of water buckets to fill the tub up.

Find Your Hot Tub Today

There are several different sizes, styles, and models of hot tubs available. At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, we can help you find the right one. Stop by today and get started with your hot tub installation.

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