How to Maintain Your Hot Tub During the Colder Months

How to Maintain Your Hot Tub During the Colder Months

As the chilly winter season closes in, you can still enjoy the luxury of your hot tub long after the frost arrives. Even if you plan on using your hot tub less frequently, with these basic maintenance tips, you’ll be able to take a soothing soak anytime you like while simultaneously protecting your hot tub from winter damage and other easily preventable problems.

Change the Water & Flush the System

Drain and refill your hot tub before the fierce winter weather arrives. Ideally, you’ll want to check the weather forecast to complete the drain and refill on a day that’s above freezing to prevent any potential damage to the piping or internal components. While doing the drain and refill, don’t forget to flush your system with the appropriate hot tub cleaners to ensure that your jets and filters are functioning at full capacity.

Conserve Energy & Keep the Water Clean With a Cover

A well-insulated cover will preserve your energy, prevent water contamination, and maintain a safe water level. You’ll want to ensure that your cover fits tightly, and has an insulation rating approved for year-round use. Along with your well-insulated cover, it’s a good idea to invest in cover straps or a lock to ensure that your cover doesn’t get blown off or dislodged by the winter weather.

Keep the Water Warm & Flowing

Modern hot tubs and spas in Exton that come with a top-of-the-line heater are the easiest way to protect your tub during the winter months. Make sure that your hot tub’s valves are completely open, and that the warm water is flowing freely.

Along with an automated heater that cycles whenever the water temperature drops below a certain level, you can add an extra layer of warmth with wool blankets or a heated tent if you don’t plan on using the hot tub regularly or you ever experience a power outage. If the power outage may last a while, you’ll want to fully winterize your hot tub to prevent any frost damage.

Change the Filters & Chemicals on Time

Every 3-4 months, change the filters to keep the water clean, pipes unclogged, and the system performing at peak flow. You’ll also want to routinely check the chemical levels of your tub, with increased frequency if you use the tub regularly. Be sure to proactively stock up on test strips, extra chemicals, and other essential supplies from our hot tub dealers in Bucks County, PA in case a winter storm threatens to isolate you at home!

Learn More About Protecting Your Hot Tub in Winter

As hot tub experts, we’re happy to help you prepare for the upcoming winter season! Feel free to contact us for useful tips, professional tub accessories, and everything else you need to enjoy your luxury spa year-round.