3 Outdoor Must-Haves to Complement Your Hot Tub Space

3 Outdoor Must-Haves to Complement Your Hot Tub Space

Transforming your basic hot tub space into an elegant oasis opens up a world of potential for relaxation at home. It’s the little touches that make a difference, and with a few thoughtful upgrades, it’s easy to create a spa-like experience that’s perfect for hosting guests, unwinding from a stressful day, or creating a beautiful theme that ties in with your home. Here are some of our favorite spa must-haves to consider if you’re hoping to take your hot tub experience to the next level of luxury.

Classy Lighting & Decor to Match

Easily update the energy of your space with some well-placed string lights or solar lanterns lighting the way to blissful relaxation. Along with boosting the aesthetic style and relaxing ambiance, some beautiful string lights will make it easier to navigate the path to the tub, preventing any slips or falls if you’re dealing with icy or slippery conditions.

Since many hot tubs for sale in PA come equipped with subtle mood lighting, you can easily pair your favorite lights or lanterns with a variety of coordinating colors to create a welcoming theme for your tub. From soothing blues and soft greens to brighter whites for added vibrance and energy, you can find endless tub-lighting combinations to create a spa-like setting that transforms your backyard or patio into a 5-star retreat.

Add a Stylish Walkway or Stone Path

Another low-cost addition to your welcoming spa experience is the simple addition of a beautiful walkway or stone path. If you’re a DIY kind of person, you can easily create a unique style using simple bricks, tiles, or stones to elevate your space with a pathway.

Not only does the addition of a pathway naturally improve the spa-like aesthetic, but a clearly-defined walkway will make it easier to get to the tub, and with a walkway that adds some traction, you can wear your loungewear to and from the tub without worrying about trips or slips. Combine the string lights with your new pathway, and you’re on your way to a hot tub experience that’ll be the spot for any friends or family that are lucky enough to take a dip.

Spa Comfort is Key

After you’ve set the mood with some uplifting lighting and a nice walkway, don’t forget to add some quality of life features to the hot tub itself! At our hot tub store in Jamison, PA, you’ll find awesome accessories like comfortable hot tub pillows and other affordable accessories to bring your spa design to life.

You may also want to consider the addition of a water-proof speaker system, comfortable chairs around the tub, or a convenient rack nearby to store your robes, clothes, and towels. Whatever exciting hot tub additions you have in mind, our spa professionals would love to help you turn your hot tub dreams into spa-like reality with customized consideration for your style, comfort, and relaxation in mind.