Enhancements to Make Your Hot Tub Handicap Accessible

Enhancements to Make Your Hot Tub Handicap Accessible

People with handicaps value their independence and want to experience the best that life has to offer. Modifications ensure accessibility and convenience. Along with that, these enhancements can make things safer and more suited for their needs.

Enhancements in your home promote independent living for handicapped loved ones. A dwelling must be fully accessible for it to be called a home, and that includes your hot tub, too.

Making Hot Tubs More Accessible

Hydrotherapy is a soothing and effective means of maintaining health, which especially benefits those with handicaps. But getting in and out of hot tubs can be very challenging for a person with a handicap. This poses a threat to their safety because wet surfaces can get very slippery.

There are many ways of making hot tubs more accessible and convenient.

Choose an Accessible Location for Your Hot Tub

This is the first and most important step in building an accessible hot tub. Avoid locations with steps, grass, uneven stones, and tiles. Make sure you choose a spot that is closest to the home and has a clear, level route direct to it from the house.

Choose an Accessible Design

There are many design and style options of hot tubs in Jamison, PA which you can choose from. It’s best to avoid wooden hot tubs that are inflexible as well as inflatables that do not have built-in seating. The best choices will be tubs that are low in height so your loved one can get in and out faster with the lower sides, tubs with loungers that have reclining seats that provide support, and tubs that have cool-down seats which allow for temperature control without having to leave the tub.  

Attach a Spa Handrail

Handrails are essential hot tub add-ons that give something to hang on to make entering and exiting the hot tub more convenient and safe. They can avoid slip-related injuries and give the much-needed support so your loved ones can move in and out of the tub.

Choose Well Made Sturdy Steps

You will need to fit your hot tub with wide and sturdy steps that have a good grip. Choosing the most suited steps will avoid slipping and make for the most convenient enhancement for your hot tub. Choose steps that have integrated handrails, and preferably one that has three steps instead of two which provides more height and gets you closer to the top of the tub.

Think About Getting a Hot Tub Hoist

A hot tub hoist does away with steps for those that aren’t able to use them. This is a seat attached to a sling that can lift handicapped persons into the tub. There are many designs of hot tub hoists to choose from which are either portable or fixed, powered or manually operated.

Hot Tubs to Fit your Backyard and Your Needs

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