Relaxing Spaces 5 Places to Put a Sauna at Home

Relaxing Spaces: 5 Places to Put a Sauna at Home

If you’d like to enjoy a sauna in the comfort of your home, you need to decide the best place to install it. The location you choose needs proper flooring such as concrete, tile, or laminate, while still offering you a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the home. Consider these possibilities! 


The master bathroom in your home is the perfect place to install your sauna. As a place you already go in order to unwind after a long day, it’s only natural to add another luxury component if you have the space. It’s likely that the flooring is already ideal, as well.

Storage Closet

If you’d rather place your sauna in a spot that’s out of the way, then you might want to try a storage closet. This can be an especially great idea if you’re a more private person. And moving your stuff out of the storage closet to make extra room could be easier than using another space around the house.


You could transform your outdoor space into an oasis by installing a sauna. If you have a pool, hot tub, or pond in your backyard, situate your sauna next to it to create a space you can truly relax in. Just be sure to check that you’re abiding by the rules of your homeowners association if applicable. 


Since basements can be spacious, putting your sauna in one can save you the frustration of trying to fit it into another room. Plus, the basement is a secluded area where you can be alone and just relax after a long day at work. Sauna’s function better in basements that are insulated and finished. While wood-burning sauna’s work in basements, electric or infrared saunas are better suited. We also recommend a dehumidifier to eliminate any dampness from the air. 


Placing a sauna in your garage can be a smart idea. For one, you can use the extra space as a cool-down area and changing room. Moreover, you can easily ventilate a garage. You can find gorgeous saunas in Chester County, PA that will transform your garage from wasted space to the perfect place to unwind. 

A Professional Can Help

No matter where you choose to install any of our home saunas in Camden County, NJ, you’ll create the ideal relaxation space. If you can’t decide the best place in your home for your new sauna, our experts can help! Ready to get started? Contact Spring Dance Hot Tubs today!