Hot Tub Trade-In Event - Save up to $3,000

Welcome the changing seasons with a rejuvenating dip in your brand new hot tub. At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, we are celebrating the winds of change with our exclusive Hot Tub Trade-In Sale! Turn your old, broken, or leaking hot tub into a substantial down payment towards a sparkling new one. Plus, we’ll even haul away the old tub for you!

Hot Spring Limelight Pulse

Unwind in a realm of tranquility with our featured product, the Hot Spring Limelight Pulse. This luxurious hot tub is meticulously designed to provide an unrivaled hydromassage experience. Its captivating multi-color lighting and spacious design make it a pinnacle of aesthetic appeal. Discover the fusion of modern functionality and timeless style.

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Step into Serenity with Finnleo Saunas

Discover the epitome of serene relaxation with our range of Finnleo Saunas. For a limited period, enjoy an exclusive discount of up to $1,000 on your purchase. The soothing warmth of a Finnleo Sauna is your gateway to a world of calm, aiding in stress relief and muscle relaxation.

Finnleo IS565

Experience the healing embrace of warmth with our featured Finnleo IS565 Infrasauna. This compact yet potent sauna is your personal retreat, equipped with modern infrared technology to deliver therapeutic heat. With Finnleo IS565, you are not just investing in a sauna, but a lifelong companion for your wellness journey.

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