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Our Exton location has been serving the Chester and Delaware counties since 2001 and features Hot Spring Portable Spas and Caldera Spas – the world’s #1 selling spa brands! We carry Endless Pool Swim Spas, Infrared and Traditional Saunas by Finnleo and outdoor patio furniture. We’ve been awarded the Certified Hot Tub Store by Spa Search for 8 years in a row! Spring Dance Hot Tubs has the best selection of hot tubs and spas in Exton, PA and Chester Springs, PA. If you’re looking for the best saunas, a 4 person hot tub, or hot tub covers, come to our hot tub showroom in Exton, PA to look through our extensive selection of hot tubs. Any of our hot tubs and spas would make an excellent backyard hot tub.

Our sales staff are experts in helping you choose a location for your spas and envision what your backyard paradise can become! Schedule a Site Visit with us today!

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820 N Pottstown Pike
Exton, PA 19341
(P) 610-363-1099
(F) 610-363-1044

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 10-5
Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 12-5

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Come See All the Hot Spring Spas, Caldera Spas & the Endless Pool Swim Spas in Our Exton, PA Showroom

We offer best sellers like Caldera swim spas and Hot Springs spas. Caldera swim spas come in a variety of options that come with different benefits. Whether you want Caldera swim spas that offer total relaxation or hydrotherapy, you can find what you’re looking for at our hot tub store. Our Hot Springs spas in Montgomery County, PA also come in a variety of options and make for great backyard hot tubs. If you’re looking for hot tubs that offer a fresh style, unique lighting, and timeless design, Hot Springs spas are for you. Whether you’re looking for a 2 person or a 4 person hot tub, we guarantee you’ll find the besthot tubs in Chester Springs, PA at Spring Dance Hot Tubs.

Create Your Home Oasis with our Home Saunas in Chester County

Our Hot Springs spas are just a few of the many hot tubs and spas we offer at our hot tub store in Exton, PA. We pride ourselves on having the best hot tubs and spas in West Chester as well as the most affordable hot tubs in Delaware County, PA. We also offer affordable hot tub covers to keep your hot tubs clean and protected when they’re not in use.

Among our most popular products in our hot tub showroom in Chester County, PA is the endless pool swim spa. The endless pool swim spa provides a total-body workout without having to leave your backyard! Endless pool swim spas are perfect for those who are looking for an at-home wellness system in Chester County, PA.

Our hot tub showroom in Exton, PA also has the best saunas you can find in Chester County, PA. The saunas we offer in Chester County, PA are either traditional or infrared saunas. No matter what your preference is, our saunas will suit your needs.

We offer an extensive amount of hot tubs and other related products at our hot tub showroom in Exton, PA. If you’re living in Chester Springs, PA and are looking for top-notch hot tubs, hot tub accessories or saunas, stop by Spring Dance Hot Tubs to find the perfect fit for your home.

Additional Information

The Best Hot Tub Showroom in Exton, PA and Chester County, PA

One of the reasons why our hot tub showroom is the best in Exton, PA and Chester County, PA is because we showcase several different hot tubs. Whether you need a 4 person hot tub or a Hot Springs Spa, we have you covered. We even have numerous hot tub accessories that can keep your hot tub working well for years to come. At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, we have everything you could need for your backyard hot tub. Here’s what you need to know about our hot tub store in Exton, PA and Chester County, PA.

What Kind of Hot Tubs and Spas Does Our Hot Tub Store Have?

We carry several different types, models, and brands of hot tubs and spas. Some of the most common in our hot tub showroom are:

  • Hot Springs spa
  • Swim Spa
  • 4 person hot tub
  • Saunas

No matter how big your backyard is, we can find the perfect backyard hot tub for you.

What are the Benefits of Our Products?

Swim spas are perfect for those who want to swim but don’t have a large enough backyard. A swim spa pushes water towards you so you can swim in place and receive a great workout. Swim spas also allow you to relax in the hot tub feature after you’re done your workout.

Saunas are another way to relax. They’re designed to help sweat out the toxins in your body so you can become healthier. Saunas and an Endless Pool swim spa are a great combination to keep yourself fit.

What Hot Tub Accessories Do We Carry?

We have several hot tub covers, cleaners, and other accessories to make your Endless Pool swim spa healthy and long-lasting. We’ll help you find the best hot tub covers for your swim spas.

The Best Saunas and Hot Tubs in Exton PA

If you’ve been thinking of installing a hot tub in your home or backyard, then you will likely need some help. Which tubs are the right ones for you? What kind of style should you get? With so many questions, you need a reliable hot tub store in Exton PA that can help. Spring Dance Hot Tubs has a hot tub showroom that’s always equipped with the latest models of saunas and hot tubs. You can find everything you need when you visit our hot tub showroom. You can also check out our store in Chester County PA.

We Have the Tubs You Need in Chester Springs PA

When it comes to tubs, there are plenty of options to choose from. We have hot tubs, swim spas, and even endless pool swim spas. Whether you want to luxuriate in a traditional hot tub or interested in exploring the benefits of a swim spa, we have everything you could need.

That includes accessories as well. We have hot tub covers for every model we own. We make owning a tub easy, enjoyable, and affordable.

Visit Our Showroom Today

If you want to see high-quality hot tubs and spas, then you need to visit our showroom. Take a tour today!

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