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Entertainment & Party Ideas

Vacation in your own Backyard!

While the health benefits of hot tub ownership shouldn’t be overlooked, we cannot forget that owning a hot tub is A LOT OF FUN!

Why are you considering a hot tub? Is it to get your family together more often than a weekly vacation, once a year? Is it to entertain your friends with a semi-annual hot tub party? Is it to increase your vacation time from once or twice a year to every night when you “get away” in your own backyard?

Hot tubs can provide a great atmosphere to improve your social life and family-time.  Stop thinking that vacations only happen for a week or two, a few times a year, and change your mindset to thinking that you can vacation in your very own backyard!


Entertainment and Party Ideas

You made the investment into a hot tub for many reasons, and PARTYING with your friends and family was hopefully one of them!

Soaker Poker- “It’s JETS a game!”

Lots of people host a “poker night” or a similar, fun gaming night at their homes these days. A lot of folks even do this on a weekly basis!

Why not move it to your hot tub!

This game is a LOT of fun! The jets add a great massage at a time you’d normally be slouched back at the kitchen table. They also add a ton of comedy as the chips and cards race around the tub when not in play! This is a B.Y.O.F.P. event (Bring Your Own Fun People)!

Download the instructions for details on how to create this waterproof game! And always remember… “It’s JETS a game!”

Soaker-Poker Instructions

No Touch Duck Relay

Enjoy a day at the races with family and friends, right in your own backyard hot tub!

Download the instructions to learn how to play!

Duck Relay Instructions