How to Buy a Hot Tub

We know you want a hot tub for the great lifestyle benefits, and maybe you even need a hot tub for your health & wellness, but how do you buy a hot tub?

Here are a few things to consider in your search for the perfect hot tub:

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Hot Tub Features

  • Have you considered additional hot tub features you might be interested in?
  • Does the spa have entertainment options available like a music system or wireless TV?
  • Can you add these systems any time, even after you’ve purchased the spa?
  • Is the hot tub customizable with a faux-stone cabinet?
  • Can you order the spa without a skirt so that your contractor can build you a completely custom cabinet?
  • What extra lighting features does the spa have?
    Are there any additional water care options like an optional Salt Water System?
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Many hot tub brands talk about the large number of jets they put into their hot tub’s shell. Jets are important, but they only matter if they are placed in the proper location to give you an appropriate muscle massage.

Instead of looking at hot tubs based on the number of jets included, look at where the jets are placed and which muscle groups they target. A hot tub engineered for the best hydromassage will be better than a hot tub with an impressive number of jets!

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Hot Tub Warranty & Service

A hot tub is an investment, and you want to make sure you are protected with a strong warranty.

  • What spa parts does the warranty cover and for how long?
  • Have you compared the manufacturer’s warranty with other hot tub brands?
  • If you have a warranty issue with your hot tub, does the dealer have in-house factory-trained service technicians available?
  • Does the dealer stock replacement parts for your hot tub? Do they offer free water testing?
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Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

The energy efficiency of a hot tub is important to consider when comparing different hot tub brands.

Most hot tubs these days are fully-foamed, but ask if the brand is totally insulated. Better yet find out about the energy efficiency of their insulation.
Inquire about how much the hot tub will cost to operate. On average our hot tubs cost around $1.00 per day to operate. Beware of spas that can cost upwards of $50 per month to run.
Find out if the spa brand is certified to the California Energy Commission (CEC) which has the strictest efficiency standards in the country.

Learn about our Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

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Test Soak

We encourage our customers to try out different hot tub models before making a purchase. While trying out a spa, consider the following:

  • Do the seats provide lumbar support and feel comfortable?
  • Are the jets aligned to massage muscle tissue?
  • How convenient are the controls?
  • How loud are the jets? Can you hold a conversation while they’re on?
  • Does the water reach shoulder level?

Schedule a Test Soak in one of our showrooms today!

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Hot Tub Prices

Unlike with car dealers, many hot tub dealers cannot post their prices online per their agreement with the manufacturer. Because a hot tub can’t be “driven off the lot” like a car, there are often extra costs for services (like delivery or proper placement of a spa) that may or may not be included in a hot tub’s price. Options, services and extra features are easiest explained by a sales rep.

Most hot tub dealers offer a no obligation online quote request if you want to know more about a particular hot tub model!

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Manufacturer & Dealer

The hot tub industry is comprised of a handful of reputable manufacturers with a proven track record from many years of business and customer service. The rest of the industry is filled with small companies who may make one brand of hot tubs one year and a completely different brand the next. You may often see these brands selling spas in online stores.

As you are researching the different brands of hot tubs available, make sure to ask questions about the manufacturer & dealer like:

  • How long has the manufacturer and dealer been in business?
  • How many different brands has the dealer carried during that time period?
  • What is the dealer’s standing with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Does the dealer have any customer reviews or have they won any industry awards?

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