Find the Perfect Swim Spa for An Active Family

Find the Perfect Swim Spa for An Active Family

Your active family may need more than the common gym equipment to stay fit at home. You can add to your family’s fitness options by having a swim spa in your home.

Swim spas can go beyond the typical swimming pool by providing a continuous stream of water or current, creating an “endless” swimming experience. Swim spas can also create a weightless exercise environment, which is recommended for people who are recovering from surgery or who are undergoing physical therapy.

Several Endless Pools with different features and designs are offered in the market. Each Endless Pool swim spa in Bucks County, PA aims to address an athletic family’s need for stimulating exercise and swimming workouts. Read on to find out which swim spas will address your family’s needs.

Swim Spas For Swimmers

You can experience a feeling similar to doing laps in an Olympic-sized swimming pool in your own home. In particular, you’ll want to look for a swim spa that uses a powerful motor and adjustable settings to keep pace with you whether your goal is to train your endurance or increase your speed.

You can also develop your swimming position and skills through optional accessories. A swim tether gives you stability by keeping you in place as you attempt to get the correct swimming positions for your desired strokes. On the other hand, pace displays help you measure and improve your speed.

Families who love the water will enjoy the features of our E500 Endless Pools Fitness System. The Endless Pools Swim Machine is powered by a propulsion motor that creates a current of up to 5,000 GPM (gallons per minute). It employs grills that redirect the flow to create a turbulence-free current, similar to open water.

The E500 Endless Pools Fitness Machine is available in two options: 58” Swim and 58” Swim and Thread.

Swim Spas For Fitness Enthusiasts

Many fitness and therapy specialists recommend doing water exercises to strengthen the body minus the impact of gravity and weight. This weightless exercise environment may be achieved through endless pools fitness system in Bucks County, PA with additional fitness accessories.

Apart from swimming, another sports activity that develops your arms is rowing. A row bar kit with resistance gear provides you this cardiovascular workout, and its resistance bands allow for more fitness options.

Our E700 Endless Pools Fitness Systems, with its longer swim and exercise area, has the space for people who prefer more rigorous workouts that are still low-impact. It is compatible with an optional treadmill, resistance bands, swim tether, rowing kit, and aqua bike.

Swim Spas For Relaxation

You can unwind after an exhausting day or a strenuous workout through the personal wellness features of a swim spa. It includes relaxation-optimized features such as its water temperature controls for hydrotherapy, powerful massage jets, and sound and lighting features.

Our E2000 Endless Pools Fitness Systems does not just have all that you need in a swimming and low-impact cardio workout machine, but it also has advanced relaxation features that you’ll want in a spa tub.

Check Out Our Endless Pools And Other Swim Spas

At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, we have a selection of Endless Pool machines and swim spas for households of different priorities and sizes. Visit our website or send us a message and we will help you find the most suitable swim spa for your family.