Designing The Space Around Your Hot Tub

Designing The Space Around Your Hot Tub

A hot tub is an investment in comfort and relaxation that demands its own space. If you’re planning to add a hot tub, where will you put it? How will you design the space around it so that you can relax in peace and comfort?  There are a few ways to design the space around your hot tub.

Designing Your Hot Tub Environment

Before you start designing the space around your hot tub, do some brainstorming about the kind of space you want to enjoy while you are soaking in your hot tub. 

Do you like plants and greenery, or minimalist stone? Do you want to enjoy the hot tub in a central family hub, or have some privacy? Do you want to look out at a view – either through a window or outdoors – or do you like feeling enclosed and safe? The choices you make about where you put your hot tub and what you want to use it for will affect all of the choices you make about decorating the space around it. If you’re still having trouble thinking of the space, visit a hot tub showroom in Warrington, PA. This will help you see and feel what you’re inspired to do in your space. 

Using The Right Materials

You’ll want to surround your hot tub with some kind of decking, stone, or tile. Not only are these surfaces more resistant to water than carpet or hardwood flooring, but they also can create a different visual and aesthetic atmosphere around your hot tub.

Some modern choices are travertine (cheaper and better looking than stone), and tropical hardwood (expensive but beautiful) – but the options are almost limitless. No matter your choice, surround your hot tub with materials that appeal to you and help to create the atmosphere you want to be in.

Be Practical About Usage

It’s important that your hot tub looks good, and that the environment around it is soothing, but not at the expense of actually using the hot tub itself! Sometimes aesthetic choices, like a below-ground hot tub, look good but make getting in and out of the hot tub difficult. When you are designing the space around your hot tub, make sure to think practically about how you will use and design around the mobility and comfort of the people who will use it.

Contact The Hot Tub Experts

Creating the perfect hot tub space starts with finding the right hot tub for you – and Spring Dance Hot Tubs can help. Reach out to discover more about the hot tubs and spas in Marlton, NJ to see the latest designs for yourself.

Looking through hot tubs can help you figure out what kind of environment you want to design around them. Have fun with it, and be creative! Your perfect indoor or outdoor hot tub sanctuary is waiting for you.