Owner of Relay Hot Tub

October 15, 2015

“Hello William, thanks to you and your entire team, our new Relay model is safely on our deck awaiting final site prep and Electrical updates to my current service connection. I would like to commend all involved for the thoroughly professional approach and flawless execution on the extraction of our old tub and delivery of the new.

Diane coordinated the delivery team and crane service which was money well spent given the challenge of the deteriorating existing tub.

Cathy called promptly this morning to address a minor cosmetic issue remaining which will complete the Spring Dance responsibilities with the installation.

Mike and his team were an amazing combination of raw power when needed and attention to detail for the internal work and packaging removal.

Also key was the site survey by Dan which was the final nudge I needed to go in the direction of the crane vs deck modifications. He remained fully confident that his team could handle the prep for the crane which is exactly how the project ran.

Total time on site about 2 hrs which was remarkable given our challenges.

I would be pleased to serve as a reference, particularly in cases where the purchase is part of the total solution required as was the case with us.

Regards, Kevin”

Kevin in Ambler -