What’s in a name?

What do you call your hot tub? A jacuzzi? A spa? A whirlpool spa? A hot tub? A big, warm box of water!?
We hear different names all the time, but have noticed a trend toward “Hot tub” in recent years. Is there a difference between any of the terms? Let’s check it out:
What is a jacuzzi? Well, Jacuzzi is actually a name brand of a hot tub and kinda like with the “kleenex-complex” has become synonomous with the term “hot tub.” Often times a customer calls us wanting to order a “new cover for my jacuzzi,” and we go through the entire order process before we realize he/she doesn’t actually have a jacuzzi-model tub!
What is a spa? A spa is another term used in place of “hot tub,” and doesn’t mean anything different! We like to use the term “hot tub” over “spa” because if you google “spa” (click that link- you’ll like it!) most of the results will be for “Day spas!” Most people tend to think of a day spa before they think of a hot tub when the term “spa” is used!
What is a whirlpool spa? We don’t hear this term too often anymore, but it seems to have popped up around the time the jacuzzi was introduced. Everyone is familiar with the Whirlpool brand for refrigerators, dishwaters etc., and they have a bathtub that is made by the company that owns jacuzzi hot tubs! This term generally refers to a hot-tub like tub in a bathroom!
What is a hot tub? Well, we think you already know the answer to this one, but we like to think of it as the perfect place for relaxation, enjoyment with your family, significant other or friends! This is our favorite term to use in our company, and you’ll hear us refer to the products we sell as “hot tubs” most often!
We’re pretty passionate about hot tubs, and love talking about them- no matter if you call it a jacuzzi, whirlpool bath, spa or big, warm box of water!

What do you call your hot tub?(trends)

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