Creative “Hot Tubs”

In my travels across the internet, I often come across quite, how should I say it, creative hot tubs.

Take the Hot Tub Car for instance:

Perfect after a long day at the car show!

And there are the guys who made a Back Hoe Hot Tub by filling the back hoe with water & lighting a fire underneath it after a long days work!

Here is a Riverside Hot Tub these guys enjoyed after a day of fishing!

Here is a Dome Hot Tub found on a website that features even weirder things from the property!

Is that… a Hot tub made from Beer?

Great advertising idea, Heineken!

Here is something I’ve never seen called a Dutch Hot Tub (I wonder if that mountain range comes with it or if it’s extra)

And if you’ve read Hot Tubs 101 before, you know I can’t resist a cat picture, so here is a cat in a cupboard, siting in a bucket:


I think I’ll take a traditional hot tub (but add the mountain range! And maybe a beer!)

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