Protect Your Hot Tub with a Vanishing Act Calcium Remover Bag

To soften your water and protect your hot tub by virtually removing all the calcium from your hot tub water, we recommend the Vanishing Act Calcium Bag.

For Salt Water Users

If you’re on the Salt Water Sanitizing System you must use a Vanishing Act bag every time you refill your hot tub.

The only exception is if you test your tap water & the calcium hardness is under 50ppm. This is HIGHLY unusual in the Philadelphia region, and most homeowners have hard water (which means the calcium level is high). If you aren’t sure how to test your water, bring us a sample of your tap water & we’ll test it for you!

High Calcium will destroy your cell which is what keeps your Salt water system running effectively!

Note: If you’re using Salt, your Freshwater Test strips will show your “Okay” range for calcium hardness being 0-50 ppm. Any other test strips will show an okay range much higher.

What if you’re not on the Salt Water System?

It’s a great idea for everyone to use the Vanishing ACT calcium remover bag when you refill your hot tub. It softens your water! Softer water protects your hot tub & its equipment from corroding from calcium build up over the years of use.

You can purchase the  Calcium Remove Bag in our online store: Vanishing Act

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