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How to Clean a Grill

big green egg grillAh with the end of the summer comes the dreaded Fall cleaning To Do list. Here are some quick tips on how to clean a grill and get it prepped it for Fall:

  1. Make sure the grill is off! Turn off & disconnect the propane tank
  2. Remove the grates & metal plates beneath them & soak them in a bucket of hot water mixed with dish soap
  3. Cover the heating elements loosely with foil. Using a grill brush scrub the underside of the hood.
  4. Continue to scrub the inside walls above the elements. Wipe the walls down with a damp paper towel.
  5. Remove the drip pan and empty its contents into a trash can. Add the pan to the bucket to soak.
  6. Remove the grates and drip pan from the bucket and scrub clean. Spray with a hose to rinse.
  7. Throw out the foil and swipe the heating elements with the grill brush. Replace the metal plates, the grates, and the drip pan. Reconnect the propane.
  8. Sweep out any leaves or debris that may have gotten stuck in your grill cabinet using a broom.
  9. Clean the exterior of the grill and the inside of the cabinet with a few stainless-steel wipes. Porcelain-coated, cast-iron, or ceramic grills can be cleaned with a cotton cloth dampened with soapy water and followed with a dry cloth.

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This checklist was inspired by Real Simple Magazine. Check out their entire line of Helpful Checklists.


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