The benefits of a Hot Spring Spa

How often do you come home from a long day of work and just want to relax? But there are meals to make, kids to bathe, dishes to clean, bills to pay and more!  Before you know it it’s time for bed and that relaxation never happened.

Did you know that just a 20 minute soak in a hot tub can bring on a deeper sleep, calm your nerves and overtime signifcantly reduce your stress? Can you make time for 20 minutes in a hot tub? Leave those dishes for tomorrow! Instead relax your body in the warm water and soothing jets of a Hot Spring Spa.

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Hot Spring Portable Spas is the world’s leading hot tub brand. Our manufacturer (Watkins Manufacturing) is a part of Masco Corporation, which is a Fortune 500 Company whose quality products include Delta faucets, Kraft maid cabinets and Behr paints. Hot Spring Features two premium hot tub lines: The Highlife Series and The Limelight Series.

Hot Spring is certified to the California’s Energy Commission (CEC) which has the strictest requirements in the country. All of our hot tubs are CEC compliant to ensure the greatest energy efficiency and least environmental impact. Did you know that we recycle over 4.2 million pounds of material each year and the material that we use to wrap each spa is 100% recyclable? Pretty amazing!

Some of our amazing features are: The Moto massage jet; 100% No-By-pass Filtration; State of the art controls; light by design and the sensational jet’s.

The newest advantage of a Hot Spring Spa is the Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System. With the Ace salt water system your water will always be sparking clear while your body feels soft and silky. If you’ve had reactions to chlorine from other pools or spas- like dry skin, irritated eyes or hate that harsh chlorine odor smell, you’ll love how the near-odorless scent of a Salt Water Hot Tub and how your skin feels with ACE!

The design of our Hot Spring Spas is like no other hot tub out there. The lines, curves and colors are beautiful- you have to see it for yourself!

Come in and see us and bring your bathing suit! We offer FREE Test Soaks so you can see for yourself the great benefits of a Hot Spring Spa.

Happy Hot-tubbing!

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