10 Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

10 Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

When you own a hot tub, you’ve invested in yourself and your family’s commitment to quality leisure time. A hot tub cover lifter complements your initial purchase. It’s an accessory that no hot tub owner should be without. Here are 10 benefits that explain why owning one is a good decision.

1. Hot tub lifters are easy for one person to use.

A cover lifter enables you to gently move your cover off your hot tub so that you’re less likely to strain your arms or back in the process.

2. Lifters are Corrosion-Resistant.

Because lifters are subject to becoming wet, they are constructed out of sturdy aluminum and designed to resist corrosion.

3. Easy to assemble and install.

Usually, you’ll just need a wrench, screwdriver, and drill to install a hot tub cover. Alternatively, you can have it installed by a professional hot tub dealer.

4. Cover lifters have many styles to match your personal preferences.

Lifter styles include those with hydraulic gas shocks, standard pivot designs, and lift-to-shelf styles.

5. Lifters are available with various mounts to meet your specific needs.

If your hot tub has a small clearance area, you have the option of selecting a mount that can fit a small space.

6. There are lifters to fit the different hot tub shapes and sizes.

Experienced hot tub dealers in PA carry an extensive line of lifters designed to fit square, round, and rectangle-shaped hot tubs. It’s simple to select the cover that’s made for your hot tub’s style and size.

7. Encourages more frequent hot tub usage.

You’ll look forward to relaxing in your hot tub and want to enjoy it as much as possible when you have a handy lifter.

8. Hot tub covers are an affordable accessory. 

Lifters are priced reasonably giving you many options in a variety of price points.

9. Makes cleaning and otherwise maintaining your hot tub easier.

When you can quickly move your hot tub cover, you can complete the process of cleaning your hot tub more quickly.

10. Less cover manipulation helps your cover last longer.

Since you’ll use your lifter to move the cover, you won’t need to excessively twist, push, and pull your cover to remove it. There’s less risk of damaging your cover; therefore you increase its longevity.

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