What You Should Know About Shocking a Hot Tub

What You Should Know About Shocking a Hot Tub

How often should you shock a hot tub, and what products are recommended to use? Regular hot tub shocking is inevitable to keep your water clean and safe for use. Dead skin and other elements like hair may end up dropping in the hot tub, leaving the tub in a mess.

It is essential to shock the hot tub frequently – at least once every week. It is important to use Chlorine shocks as well as non-Chlorine shocks. The use of either bromine or Chlorine depends on your personal choice. 

Shocking the hot tub for cleanliness is not the only reason why you need frequent shocks. A few more reasons are listed below:

  • You should use shocking to prevent your water from having a dirty or murky look.
  • Shocking your hot tub removes harmful organic materials present in the water.
  • Shocking your hot tub will also get rid of bacteria in the water.
  • It is also the perfect way of reactivating sanitizers like Chlorine that assists in killing bacteria.

Shocking Methods to Use in Your Hot Tub

Notably, there are various types of shocks that you can use. Either of the methods has its own merits and demerits. Read on to understand the techniques to use:

Chlorine Shock

This is the use of chlorine compounds to shock a hot tub. It is an effective method if used the right way. Remember, when this technique is used, chlorine levels rise and can lead to chemical damages. It is urged to use Chlorine shock after a freshwater change or heavy use of the hot tub.

Non-Chlorine Shock

This works more effectively if regularly used. The use of non-chlorine compounds is applied and assists in water oxidation, which is essential to eliminate harmful bacteria and clear water. All major water contaminants are destroyed, which ensures that water is safe at all times.

The dosages and amounts of shocks to use should also be considered. There are safety tips to observe while using cleaning compounds. You do not want to be in cloudy and murky water with odor. You can find great hot tubs in Southampton, PA that provide an excellent world-class virtual hot tub showroom with sanitizer professionals.

Since the shocking treatment uses different compounds that come in various forms. It is crucial to understand the following tips before using the chemicals:

  • The chemicals are not mixed dry to prevent damages
  • Use the correct procedure to shock a hot tub as advised by the experts
  • When mixing the chemicals, the room should be well ventilated
  • Always wash your hands and avoid inhaling the compounds
  • Perform regular tests for your hot tub water
  • Store the chemicals in a safe, dry place

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