How to Handle Error Messages on Your Spa’s Control Panel Display

How to Handle Error Messages on Your Spa’s Control Panel Display

Buying a hot tub or spa can be a dream for many of you who want to spend some time caring for your health in a relaxing environment. The benefits of buying a spa from our hot tub dealers in Philadelphia include the digital panel that has become an integral part of the operation for every spa owner. Turning your spa on and off or raising and lowering the temperature has never been as easy as it is with a digital control panel. Digital spa control panels can cause you some confusion when they display error codes detailing an issue with your unit.

Make Sure it is an Error Code

There is a lot of information available when you use a digital control panel to operate your spa. This information can be confusing when it appears as codes, which may look like an error warning for your spa. Some digital panels will include a message to make sure you understand when a system error code has been recorded making it easy for you to differentiate between the two types of messages. Other spa digital control panels will not include these messages, making it difficult for you to understand the code you see.

Why are you Seeing an Error Code?

There are many reasons why you see error codes on your spa’s digital control panel. The range of codes you see can be wide and include warnings for specific problems. Affordable hot tubs in Bucks County, Pa usually include a digital control panel that gives you several error code warnings, including FO, DR, and DRY errors. These are the most common forms of error codes and refer to debris in your spa and blockages in the system. If you see an FLO, DR, or DRY error, you will often be able to handle the problem yourself.

Types of Error Codes

Understanding what is going on with your spa is vital to handling error codes in the right way. When you see a code starting with FLO, you have a problem with water pressure that will usually be routed through a sensor in the heater.

DR and DRY error codes are usually seen when there is not enough water moving through the heater to allow the equipment to work properly. When you are faced with a DR or DRY error code, you will usually need to top off the water in your spa to allow it to flow safely through the heating system. Other issues you may see include clogged jets that halt the flow of water around your spa.

If you are unsure about handling error codes on your spa or hot tub, you should contact Spring Dance Hot Tubs experts to make sure you handle the problem correctly.