When To Replace Your Hot Tub Filter

When To Replace Your Hot Tub Filter

A hot tub filter is essential to keeping the water clean in your hot tub. The filter keeps debris and dirt out, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing hot tub experience. To ensure optimum enjoyment, make sure to clean your hot tub filter regularly.

However, just like any product, hot tub filters are also subject to wear and tear. Eventually, just cleaning them won’t be enough. You will have to get a new one that can effectively trap contaminants and ensure clear water.

How Long Does a Hot Tub Filter Usually Last?

Most hot tub filters need to be replaced once every year. However, some high-quality filters can be used for up to three years, depending on your level of use. Low-quality hot tub filters, on the other hand, may need to be changed much sooner. Check your filter’s packaging to know how long yours will last.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Hot Tub Filter

Aside from the length of use, other factors can indicate that your hot tub filter needs changing. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your hot tub filter:


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using your hot tub filter for just a few weeks or several months, if it has any significant damages, you’ll need to replace it. Inspect for damages, rips, or tears every time you clean your filters. You can check for cracks in the rubber end of the cartridge as well.

Poor Performance

Notice any changes in the way your hot tub performs? You may have a defective filter. When your hot tub filter loses its filtering capability, it will not be able to clean your water, making it look dirty and full of debris. Replacing it with a new filter should solve the problem. 

Get Quality Hot Tub Filters

Replacing your filters should be done regularly or as soon as you notice an issue. It is wise to purchase higher quality filters because they will last longer than cheaper alternatives. Whenever you find yourself in need of a new hot tub filter, take a look at our hot tub stores in Exton, PA.

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