Winterizing Your Hot Tub

Winterizing Your Hot Tub

You probably wish you could keep your hot tub open all year round. However, that is not a feasible option in many parts of the country. Therefore, you must winterize and close your outdoor spa or hot tub over the colder months. But, how do you do this properly, so it is ready to go the following spring? Here are the steps to take to get it winterized correctly:

1. Turn the Power Off

You will need to cut the power off to your hot tub before you drain or service it. You need to shut off the breaker every time to ensure your safety as you clean. Remember, electricity and water do not partner well with each other, and you should err on the side of caution.

2. Drain The Water

Go to the equipment access area of your spa and connect a garden hose, then turn the valve to start draining the tub. If the hose left any water behind, use a sump pump to complete the job.

Next, you want to drain the air blower if your tub has one. You do this by placing the cover on the hot tub, then turning the power back on and turning the unit on. Then, you activate the air blower and let it run for around 60 seconds, flushing all the water out of each channel. When you are done, turn the breaker back off.

3. Loosen Unions

Locate the heater and pumps under your access panel. You then loosen the unions so any remaining water will easily drain from the lines. Of course, if your hot tub has multiple unions, repeat this process for each.

4. Remove The Pump Drain Plugs

Allow any leftover water to drain from your hot tub by removing the lowest drain plug at the front of every pump.

5. Vacuum The Lines With A Wet-Vac

If you leave water in the plumbing lines, it can freeze and the constant expansion and contraction of the lines will cause damage. To prevent this, it is best to insert a wet vac into every suction, drain, union, filter cavity, and jet face, for approximately 15 seconds to get rid of any extra water. Once everything is dry, re-tighten your unions and replace your drain plugs and the equipment access panel.

6. Read your Manual Or Contact the Experts

If you have any questions about the process or concerns that you aren’t doing it properly, be sure to reference the hot tub manual for your exact model. You can also hire our service team to winterize your hot tub professionally. We guarantee our work!

These 7 steps will allow you to winterize your hot tub efficiently and correctly. Of course, if you are looking for swim spa service or a replacement hot tub in Exton, PA count on Spring Dance Hot Tubs. We provide luxury swim spas, so visit us today!