Help! My Hot Tub Water Is Green!

Help! My Hot Tub Water Is Green!

Have you noticed your hot tub water turning green? It can be alarming! In this article, we’ll discuss why hot tub water turns green and how to fix it with help from an experienced technician. We’ll also review some preventive measures you can take to keep your hot tub clean and free from discoloration. 

What Causes Hot Tub Water to Turn Green?

The most common cause of green water in hot tubs is algae growth. If the pH balance in the hot tub isn’t properly maintained, it can create the perfect environment for algae to grow, resulting in a green hue. Another cause of green water in your hot tub could be metals or minerals that have been released from the plumbing. This is why it’s important to regularly test and balance your hot tub water.

How to Fix a Hot Tub With Green Water:

Check Chemical Levels

The first step in fixing a hot tub with green water is to adjust the levels of chlorine, bromine, and pH in the water. To check these levels, use a testing kit or strips and make sure that the hot tub chemicals are properly balanced according to manufacturer instructions.

Shock Your Hot Tub

The next step to get rid of green water is to shock the hot tub. This is the process of adding an extra dose of chlorine or bromine to break down any algae that may have built up in the lines. After shocking the hot tub, it’s important to wait at least 24 hours before using it, as there might still be some remaining traces of algae. 

Clean Well

Finally, scrub the walls and jets with a brush to remove any remaining slime or scum that may still be present. Make sure to check all corners of the hot tub and clean out any debris that may have settled there as well. 

If you are still having difficulties getting rid of green water, it is best to call a professional hot tub technician to help. 

Preventative Maintenance

There are some steps you can take to prevent your hot tub water from turning green, including regular cleaning and servicing and water testing and balancing. Regular cleaning helps to remove dirt and bacteria from your hot tub. Water testing and balancing ensure that all the chemical levels in your hot tub are correct so as not to allow algae or other contaminants to form. 

Contact An Expert 

If green water in your hot tub is a recurring problem, it may be time for a new one. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Spring Dance Hot Tubs, home to the best hot tubs in Chester County, PA. Our team can find the right solution for your hot tub problems. Contact us today to learn more!