Protecting your cover in windstorms

With the anticipation of Hurricane Hannah hitting land in the next 24 hours, we are expecting tons of rain, potential flooding and high wind gusts! Every time there is a storm, we usually have a few phone calls in the days following from customers who’s covers or cover lifters have been damaged by the wind. And, of course, the manufacturer’s have that “Act of God” clause in their warranties that don’t cover damage from the wind.

So, what do we do in preparation for a storm?
Good question!

  • Make sure all 4 of your cover locks are securely snapped into place
  • Once the straps are locked, pull up gently on the cover to see if the cover moves much. If it does, adjust the straps so there isn’t as much give (this is especially important for Hot Spring brand tubs!)
  • Try to remove any branches or lawn chairs or any other debris that might fly up and hit the hot tub in high winds (We realize you can’t do anything about that aging Oak tree that is 10 feet away- so our fingers are crossed that it crashes down in the other direction)
  • If your tub is located at the shore, you might want to think about installing an additional strap for your cover (we carry one called the safe-t strap) or placing something very heavy on the cover to keep it from ripping off.
Stay safe!

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