BaquaSpa 101: Helpful tips

We started discussing BaquaSpa a few weeks ago and we want to continue our conversation today with some helpful tips for you to follow! Many of these tips are good to follow no matter what chemical system you’re on; however, they are especially important with BaquaSpa
  • Clean your Cover
    Covers can get musty and trap bacteria in the underside.  Chlorine/Bromine systems bleach out the smell of a musty cover, but BaquaSpa does not.  Therefore, on the BaquaSpa system, it is important to treat the underside of your cover with a cover cleaning product (BaquaSpa makes a great one!).  You can also protect your cover from the sun with a vinyl protectant called 303
  • Maintain your Calcium Hardness level at 300ppm
    If you’ve memorized your test strips (and if you have, we suggest getting a hobby!) you know that the ideal range for calcium hardness is 200-400ppm.  According to our expert friends at BaquaSpa, 300ppm is the best range to keep the calcium hardness in your spa. See the beer example down at the bottom of the page!  Remember:  there is only a product to increase the calcium hardness level in your water, there is no chemical out there to decrease the level of calcium.
  • Add Metal Control in your water
    When you first fill up, you should bring a water sample to us, especially if you have well water.  Your test strips aren’t able to show if there are metals in your water, but our testing system can.  If you
    do have metals in your water, add metal control into your spa. You will only need to add metal control once for each refill (unless you add “fill” water to your spa from time-to-time)
Guinness vs. Miller Lite:
We heard a really great beer comparasion about BaquaSpa!
If you’re a beer drinker, you know there is a major difference between a beer like Guinness and a lite beer like Miller Lite.  Guinness foams because of the bubbles in the beer are much smaller than those in a Miller Lite.
BaquaSpa is like a Guinness beer.  It’s bubbles are 50 times smaller than water in a chlorine/bromine spa.  Therefore, BaquaSpa will foam more.  This is why it’s important to keep your calcium hardness at 300ppm (a bit on the harder side).  The hardness in the water helps to eliminate those small foamy bubbles. The “Guinness Beer” quality of the water may also make your water look like skim milk when the jets are on.  The quality of the product produces much smaller bubbles that won’t burst or come to the water surface as quickly.
We hope these tips are helpful!  Now go out, grab a Guinness, and jump in your spa!

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