Cover tips for the Winter

We feel a little silly writing this entry today when it’s 63 degrees in the Philadelphia region, but we thought we’d share some great cover tips to help lengthen the life of your cover and save energy during the cold months!

  1. Make sure you check your cover straps and locks to be sure they are in great condition (and that the cover locks down) so that you are able to ward off damage from high winds.
  2. Condition your cover before snow and ice hits. Conditioning keeps the vinyl supple and helps to prevent drying out from winter weather. Try our 303 vinyl product.
  3. When snow and ice settles on the cover, be sure to remove it early. Allowing snow, ice and leaves to settle on the cover can cause permanent damage. Remove the snow/ice with a brush or soft broom- not with a rake, shovel or any other sharp object. Keeping snow loads from accumulating will preserve the integrity of the foam cores. Removing ice can also avoid any punctures to the vinyl.
  4. Be careful when handling the cover, tie-down straps and locks. The cover vinyl won’t stretch when it gets really cold, and it can crack in the most severe temperatures (below -20 degrees for the top vinyl; below -40 degrees for the bottom vinyl). When removing the spa cover, take extra care to unlock the straps. If the locks are iced shut, you may need to use a little spray lubricant to free them.
If you suspect it might be time to replace your cover, take our Cover Check Up test to be sure, and then ContactUs for a new cover quote!

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