Hot Tub Cover Check Up

Do you think it might be time for a new cover?  Use our Hot Tub Cover Check up Check list to view some common symptoms for older covers and see if any of these sound familiar:

  • The vinyl is Dry, Brittle, Dirty, Torn or Cracked.
  • The cover hinge is tornmore than 6″.
  • The coverstraps and locks are Torn, Broken or Missing.
  • The foam cores(s) are Sagging, Puddling or Heavy.

These symptoms can occur as your cover hits the end of it’s life cycle (most manufacturers suggest you replace your cover every 3-5 years).  It’s vital that you keep a nice cover on your spa as it locks in the heat and helps you to use less energy to run the hot tub.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, we suggest replacing your entire cover.

My vinyl is fine- can’t I just replace one or both of the foam cores?

We are able to get the foam cores for most hot tubs we carry, but we do not suggest replacing the foam only unless your cover is under 2 years.  Overtime, the vinyl shrinks, making it near impossible to put around brand new foam.

My Foam cores are fine- can I replace the vinyl skin?

Again, we can get the vinyl for most covers, but only suggest replacing the vinyl if your tub is under 2 years old.

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*Tip for the cold East Coast Winters*

If you are replacing your vinyl or foam only, we highly, highly suggest you wait until warmer weather hits.  If you cannot wait, bring your cover into your home for an hour or two to warm up the vinyl.  You will NEVER get new vinyl on or new cores in with cold vinyl!  After the vinyl warms up, grab a buddy to help you wiggle the cover apart and back-together!

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