Funtimes at a hot tub store

One of the best things about working at Spring Dance Hot Tubs is that we get to laugh a lot. Whether it’s because of a mistake someone made, something funny our general manager says over the intercom when there aren’t any customers in the store or a new picture posted on our “wall of funny pictures” in the back office, there’s always room for laughs!

I just had a “laugh out loud” moment in my office after reading a recent e-mail. Lately we’ve been getting a lot of scam e-mails from people in foreign countries asking how much a hot tub would cost to ship to a place like Nicaragua. Usually I ignore them because it’s an obvious scam, but sometimes it’s not so obvious. Or sometimes I haven’t laughed in awhile, so I play along
Yesterday we got a request for a quote on Cantabria model hot tub. My first clue that it was a scam was that it was signed:

Best regards,
Egidijus Grigas

#1 Someone needs to clue the foreign scammers in that NO ONE says “Best regards” in the US, but I decided to respond to this e-mail just in case it happened to be someone living locally. Writing a 2 sentence e-mail only wasted 30 seconds of my time!

I asked Egidijus where he lived so I could forward the request on to a sales rep in a store closest to him.
This morning I read this response:


I‘m understand, but I‘m interesting how much it cost in your country.

And if price will be lawer, maybe I move to your country.

Oh really Egidijus? You’d move to the United States because you can get a “lawer” price hot tub here!?

Thanks for the LOLs today!!! [And I won’t be responding to him, obviously 🙂 ]

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