DID YOU KNOW: Cover straps

Did you know that the most common complaint we hear from our customers about hot tub covers is that one or more of the straps & buckles from the 4 hot tub corners have broken?

9 times out of 10, this is preventable! Usually where we see broken straps & buckles is at the BACK of the hot tub, where the cover rests when the hot tub is in use.  Do you know that handy-dandy cover lifter you have installed to help you lift your cover off your spa? Well, it’s usually VERY helpful (especially for weaklings like ME who can barely lift off even the smallest hot tub cover!) except that- you must remember to unbuckle your cover straps in the BACK of your hot tub! If you forget, the lifter does it’s job and lifts your cover smoothly & easily but will tear out the cover strap at the back because of the force.

So just a tip from us to you- unbuckle those back straps and you won’t have any hot tub cover strap and buckle issues!


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