Get the BEST hot tub cover

Not all hot tub covers are made the same! In fact, many of them are made badly! When looking for a new cover there are a lot of things to consider, but start with these questions:

  • Is the cover tapered, allowing for water to run off it instead of sitting on top?
  • What kind of vinyl is used? How about the thread to sew it all together? Do their materials ensure that your cover will be able to withstand harsh weather, chemicals and intense sunlight for years to come? That’s especially important living in the climate we have in PA and NJ.  We have it all- sun, heat, ice and snow!
  • What about energy efficiency of the cover? What do they have in place to make sure the heat from your tub isn’t lost through the cover?
  • What about Safety? All the townships we work with require that your hot tub have a cover that is UL classified in something called “ASTM F1346-91 Standard for Safety Covers” and that it has child resistant safety locks with a key.

If you get a cover through our company, you can be assured that we meet all the above criteria plus much more (I bet you’re NOT surprised! Wouldn’t that be ironic if I wrote all that and then said “But we don’t follow those guidelines! BUY OUR covers!”) We get covers from two places:

If you have a Hot Spring or Caldera product, we order your cover directly from them (Watkins Manufacturing). They make all their covers in-house and use a superior marine-grade vinyl and a polyester thread that is treated so that your cover will last through years of intense sunlight, rough weather and chemical treatment. Watkins Manufacturing is one of the greenest companies in the hot tub industry and to keep their covers efficient they have this exclusive “shoe” in the hinge of the cover hinge that creates a tight seal that locks in heat so that your hot tub stays warm in the cold winter months and your electric bill doesn’t rise! Read more about the Hot Spring cover!

For our Sundance or off-brand covers (yes- we can order a cover for ANY brand, even if you have NO idea what kind of hot tub you have!) We order through Sunstar covers. Sunstar ALSO uses marine-grade vinyl for all their covers and they have a taper in their foam of 4″ thick in the middle down to 2.5″ thick at the edges- perfect for water run off. Sunstar manufactueres each cover thinking “green” by using virgin foam cores (a  stronger, more durable foam), a full length heat seal gasket to keep in the heat as well as a vapor seal to give you that added protection against heat loss in the cold winter months. Plus, we automatically order ALL our covers from Sunstar with 2lb EPS foam (instead of the standard, 1 lb) at no extra cost, giving you added energy efficiency! Read their 20 Reasons to Buy a Sunstar Cover!

Think you might need a new cover? Download this handy Cover Check Up Form to see how your cover is doing!

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