Hot Tubbing in a Winter Wonderland

With the East Coast about to be pounded with snow, we got to thinking about HOW MUCH FUN it is to be in a hot tub when it’s snowy out!



Read some tips on Hot-tubbing in the snow!

  • Don’t shovel the snow off your cover! Most likely you’ll damage the cover. Try to brush off the snow gently (before it turns to ice!)
  • Don’t Panic if your hot tub stops heating. Read what to do here
  • Send us a picture of you or your family in the hot tub! The first three people to send in a picture will get a $50 store credit! Email your picture here!
  • If we get a ton of wind like they’re predicting, it’s not a good idea to be IN your tub if you have a cover lifter. The lifter can snap if it’s especially windy out!
  • HAVE FUN and be safe!!!

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