Spa of the Month: The ALL NEW Hot Spot Rhythm

We’re so excited to introduce our August Spa of the Month: The Hot Spot Rhythm by the makers of Hot Spring Spas!

This is an ALL NEW MODEL for the Hot Spot line (So new that we don’t even have it on the floors yet! But Good News- we have 2 coming in on a truck that left last week!) and is the hot tub model we’ve been waiting for!

The “sister” spas of the Rhythm are the Tempo & the Relay. These models were new in 2010 & have been great sellers for us. They are entry-level spas without too many bells & whistles, but they are BIG (the smallest is 7×7!) and powerful & have really pretty lighting features!

We thought they were only missing one thing- an option to have a hot tub without a lounge seat. And this is EXACTLY what the Rhythm is! It’s a 7×7 hot tub, with the same power & lighting features, but it has open seating with a massaging footwell for your feet!!

We’re so excited to get this model on our floors & just know you’re going to love it! Check out the Spa of the Month: The Hot Spot Rhythm!

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