Hot Tubs and the Common Cold

With cold and flu season on everyone’s mind, people are always looking for extra ways to stay healthy during the cold months.

Did you know your hot tub has health benefits beyond just a fun place for the family to congregate and a relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine?

Here are a few tips to use your hot tub to ward off a winter cold:

1. Bump up the Heat:

Raising your body temperature by soaking in hot water can help your body fight multiplying cold germs.  Generally you want to keep the temperature below 104 degrees or the manufacturer’s recommended temperature. Slowly ease yourself into the hot water- it might sting at first- but the hotter the temperature the more you’ll sweat, ridding your body of the cold & flu toxins (And all that Sweat? Good thing our hot tubs have great filtration!)

2. But Make sure the hot tub is sanitized:

You don’t want to make yourself feel worse by getting into dirty hot tub water, so make sure to check (or have a healthy friend or family member check) the water’s balance. Never get into a hot tub if it looks or smells dirty!

3. Soak Often:

It’s okay to soak as often as you’d like while you’re feeling under the weather. Medical professionals suggest staying in a hot tub for no more than 20 minutes at a time. So go from the couch to the tub and back to the couch, as many times as you feel up to it!

4. Stay hydrated:

Even when you’re not feeling sick, a hot tub can quickly dehydrate your system, especially with the temperature as high as 104. So make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water while you’re hot-tubbing!

Here’s to a healthy hot-tubbing winter season!

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