How to Control the Hot Spot Hot Tub lights

The Hot Spot hot tub line by Hot Spring Spas has a great lighting feature with multi-colored lights that brighten the interior of the spa! Choose a solid color, or enjoy the multi-colored lighting feature! Watch the video to learn how to control the Hot Spot Hot Tub Lights. Or read the instructions below!

How to Control the Hot Spot Hot Tub Lights

  1. To activate the lights just press the light button
  2. Dim the lights twice by pressing light an additional 2 times
  3. To operate the multi-colored lighting system, press the set button, follow by light button. T light icon will start to blink, and lights will cycle through the color spectrum
  4. If there is a color you’d like to keep solid, wait for the color to appear & then press set, followed by light. The color will stay solid until you make a change!

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