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Our Top Blog Posts in 2012

As we near the end of January, we wanted to do a quick recap of what YOU were reading in 2012 on Hot Tubs 101.

Here are our top hot tub blog posts from 2012:

hot tub foamingHow to Stop Hot Tub Foaming

Ever notice you’re sitting in your hot tub and it’s starting to resemble a bubble bath? While kids LOVE hot tub foaming, most people over the age of 10 do not!

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clean a hot tubHow to Drain a Hot Tub

Your hot tub (most likely) has a built-in drainage feature! This post will cover the brands we carry in our Hot Tub Showrooms, so consult your owner’s manual if you don’t have one of the mentioned hot tub models.

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hot tub filterHow often should I change my hot tub filter?

The life expectancy of a  hot tub filter depends on the type of water care system you are using, how well you care for the filter(s), as well as the type of filter(s) you have. If you do not have a Hot SpringCaldera or Sundance spa, it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual for proper filter care, but our “General Filter Maintenance” sheet below should have some good tips for you!

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silk balanceWhat is Silk Balance

Silk Balance is a hot tub water care treatment program specially formulated to: be soft and easy on your skin, be very simple to use and more!

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hot tub exercisesSimple Hot Tub Exercises

The Health Benefits of hot tubs are numerous-  the warmth & buoyancy of the water makes it an inviting place to exercise! Here are a few Hot Tub Exercises we like:

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What did you enjoy reading on our Hot Tub Blog in 2012?

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