Check out this Hot Spring Grandee Review from a customer!

One of our customers who purchased a hot tub from our Exton Hot Tub Showroom left a great review about their new Hot Spring Grandee hot tub. He said,

“I had our Grandee delivered Christmas Eve….What amazes me is the quality. When the delivery guys had it on its side on the cart, I noticed that the entire inside of the spa is hard, sprayed in insulation and wrapped with 1/2 “ plywood (very solid)….

The controls are state of the art, very easy to use. Bigger is better when you have 5 in your family….

…We love it. I can’t say enough about the quality. Being an engineer that’s paramount in my decision making. Have not had any problems with the ACE system. Water makes your skin so soft. No chlorine smell….

…Finally having a reliable / reputable “bricks n mortar” place to go makes the whole process worthwhile.”

Check out the full review, as well as ALL the review of the Grandee on the Hot Spring Website.

Hot Spring Grandee Review

Thanks for the great review! Interested in learning more about the Grandee? Learn more about the Hot Spring Grandee Online

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