best hot tub manufacturer

The Best Hot Tub Manufacturers: Why it matters

best hot tub manufacturer

If you’ve been researching hot tubs you’ve no doubt come across many different hot tub brands during your research. You’ve probably stopped into a few local hot tub dealerships and asked your hot-tubber friends for recommendations. But don’t stop there! Make sure you investigate the Best Hot Tub Manufacturer’s Reputation:

What type of Manufacturer are they?

The hot tub industry is not very big- hot tubs became popular in the 1970’s and a few of the manufacturers that began producing hot tubs early on are still the largest manufacturers today. These few companies have a proven record of success and a large customer base.

The rest of the industry is comprised of regional assemblers, mass marketers and internet re-sellers. Most of these companies don’t have a network of hot tub dealers like you see with the auto industry or the established hot tub manufacturers. They sell online, at roadside events, through the newspaper or through misleading hot tub expo events in which they advertise that multiple brands are present but, in fact, are the only company participating. These types of sellers are best to avoid, as they often switch brands, go out of business quickly and re-open under a new name. If you ever require service, and you most likely will, these sellers tend to be difficult to work with.

What is the manufacturer’s reliably and quality?

There are many hot tubs out there and to truly compare you must look at how they are built, the quality of materials used to manufacture the hot tub and the design & engineering. Take Hot Spring Spas for example: In September 2011 they manufactured their 1 millionth hot tub! That may not seem like a lot, especially when the US auto manufactures will make more than that in 2013 alone, but the hot tub industry is small comparatively & Hot Spring Spas is the first company to reach this milestone!

Hot Spring not only has the most hot tubs sold, but they have spent millions of dollars in research and development over the last 36 years to engineer the best built, longest lasting hot tubs. As a hot tubber you want to make sure the hot tub you own is backed by the quality of a knowledgeable manufacturer & the reliability of a company that has been around for a long time!

Come visit one of our Philadelphia area Hot Tub Showrooms to learn about the two brands we carry that we believe are the best hot tub manufacturers out there: Hot Spring and Caldera Spas!

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