Turkey on the Grill

How to Make your Turkey on the Grill

With Thanksgiving on the mind, we’re thinking about the delicious treats that will be on our table shared with friends and family in just a few weeks- and most importantly- we’re thinking about The Turkey!

Now that we carry the Big Green Egg Grill in our Jamison showroom, we’re always thinking about what we can cook on this fabulous grill. We scoured the web & tried of few of these recipes for the perfect Turkey on the grill!

How to Make your Turkey on the Grill

Clean your turkey thoroughly.

Dressing the Bird

What you do next is up to you:

  • If you like a simple turkey, just brush the turkey with Olive Oil & rub with salt & pepper.
  • If you like to be creative, stuff the turkey with onion, lemon wedges and fresh herbs!
  • If you’re using the Big Green Egg Vertical Turkey Roaster, add 1 onion and 1 stalk of celery to the drip pan & fill the drip pan with 2 cups of chicken broth, wine or water. You can also rub the turkey with our favorite rub (we love the Whirly Bird BBQ rub from Big Green Egg!) or salt & pepper

Grilling the Bird

Set the EGG® up for indirect cooking with a plate setter at 350°F. Add a small handful of pecan chips for a mild smoke flavor!

  • Vertical Turkey Roaster: Load the bird onto the roaster, and place into a drip pan. Add ingredients to the drip pan as mentioned above.
  • Roasting Pan: Lay the bird horizontally on a trivet or V-Rack to slightly elevate the turkey off the bottom of the roasting pan.

Cooking Time

Cook the turkey for 12 to 15 minutes per pound until the temperature in the breast meat is 160°F and the temperature in the thighs is above 170°F. Reserve the pan drippings to make gravy let rest and enjoy!!

The Big Green Egg

  • The Small EGG® will hold a 12-pound turkey
  • The Medium EGG will hold an 18-pound turkey
  • The Large EGG will hold a 20-pound turkey
  • The XL EGG will hold two 20-pound turkeys

Recipe adapted from Big Green Egg

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