5 Essential Tips for First Time Hot Tub Owners

Purchasing or moving into a home with a hot tub can be very exciting. You may also be confused about what to do to get the hot tub ready for use. If you continue reading below, you will learn five important tips for your ownership of a hot tub.

1. Read the Instruction Manual

All hot tubs should come with an instruction manual. Get to know the hot tub by reading through the instruction manual and understanding the controls available on the hot tub. Each hot tub is different, including if it is made by the same brand, but is a different model. No two are the same, so it is important to learn all there is to know about your specific model.

2. Get Water Moving

If you turn on your hot tub as frequently as possible and get the water moving, the water will become cleaner. Stagnant water allows for bacteria to enter easily, including algae. Running your hot tub and getting water moving will allow for even distribution of cleaning chemicals as well.

3. Clean the Entire Hot Tub

Your hot tub should be clean when it arrives, but in case it collected some dirt in transit, you are able to spray it down with a hose before filling it. Cleanings of the hot tub should be done on a routine basis. Three to four times a year, you should clean the interior of the hot tub as well, ridding it of any buildup.

4. Determine the Necessary Chemical Balance

Hot tubs in PA require chemicals to maintain sanitation just as pools do. Hot tubs can utilize chemicals to balance the pH and alkalinity, which will also sanitize the hot tub. Test a small part of water from the hot tub first to ensure that your chemical balance is not too low or too high. Either end of the spectrum may provide damage to you and the hot tub.

5. Perform Regular Maintenance

Take time to regularly inspect your hot tub for damages, whether internal or external. Run the hot top without anyone in it at least every couple of months to ensure it is working properly and up to standards. If you notice any concerns, call a repair team or call the repair team to provide the maintenance for you. This will ensure that your hot tub will last you and your family for a long time.

Hot tubs are a great addition to any home. In ensuring that your hot tub works effectively for a long time, take time to perform routine maintenance and cleaning on it. Ensure that you know how it properly works and the chemical balance it requires to maintain sanitation and health as well. Enjoy all your hot tub will offer to you and your family.

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