Staying In Great Shape Is Easy With A Swim Spa

A New Way to Get Fit

Do you lack the space in your home for gym equipment? Do you love the exercise that swimming offers? You could have your own swimming exercise regime in your own backyard with a swim spa. There are many benefits of owning a swim spa, exercising just being one of them. At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, we have different swim spas in PA to fit each of your needs. Here’s how you can stay fit with our swim spa.

Swimming in Place

You may not have room in your backyard for an Olympic-sized pool. However, you can still receive an Olympic-like workout with a swim spa. The spa can be set to increase the pressure from the jets. As a result, when you attempt to swim towards the jets, you’re pushed back. You have to keep fighting the current.

This gives you the ability to swim in place and receive a serious workout. Perhaps the best part about it is that you’re essentially swimming in a hot tub. You’ll have pleasantly warm water to ease your muscles the whole time.


Speaking of easing muscles, that’s another reason why the swim spa is great for keeping you in shape. Whether you just finished working out in the spa or you finished working out in the house, your swim spa can be a great place to relax.

During exercise, your muscles see a lot of abuse. The process of building muscle involves tearing them down and rebuilding them. Heat can do a great job at easing sore muscles and helping you recover faster.

This is important because it allows you to hit the gym or back to swimming faster and without injuring yourself.

Have Company

Swim spas are also great places to socialize. There’s plenty of space for you to workout while your friend or partner relaxes close by. You can talk to one another while getting fit. Your partner can keep you motivated and encouraged whenever you grow tired.

When it comes time to relax, you and your partner can sprawl out in the tub without worrying about space.

Elevated Temperature

Because the swim spa is similar to a hot tub, the temperature is going to be warm. This is great for muscles, but it also means that your workout is going to be kickstarted. You’ll be hot faster which means you’ll also start to perspire faster. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to replace the water that you’re losing.

Start Your New Fitness Regime

Swim spas are great for people who don’t have a lot of space for a large pool. Get yours from us today and start becoming fit.


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