Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Hot Tub

Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Hot Tub

In addition to a hot tub being an inviting place for your friends and family, the warm environment can also attract pests, especially during cold weather when the unwanted visitors look for a shelter. Once they infiltrate your hot tub, they can do a lot of damage by affecting the wires and the plumbing system. Therefore, it is essential to follow these tips to ensure that you keep pests away from your hot tub.

Cover Your Hot Tub Properly

After using your hot tub, cover it properly so that it is sturdy and secure. This is an easy way of ensuring that the pests do not enter your hot tub. Be sure to inspect your hot tub cover every once in a while to ensure that it is functioning properly and that it does not have any wear and tear. Typically, you will notice wear and tear when the cover starts to sag.

Ensure That You Use Clean Water

While using clean water is safe and healthy for you, it also helps keep pests away. Water that contains contaminants, or has a foul smell, could attract pests to your hot tub. The cleaner your water, the less likely pests will infiltrate into your hot tub. Therefore, you should routinely test your water.

Do Not Leave Food In or Close to Your Hot Tub

While it is okay to have snacks in or near your hot tub, you should make sure you clean up thoroughly after eating. Any leftovers near the hot tub are certainly going to attract insects of all kinds, and they might also chew up your hot tub in addition to the leftover food.

Use Your Hot Tub Regularly

Actively using your hot tub is a great way to keep pests away. Regular usage discourages these unwanted visitors from finding their way in and allows you to monitor your hot tub more. The more often you use your hot tub, the less likely pests will come into it.

Do a Regular Inspection

Doing regular maintenance keeps your hot tub clean and keeps pests away from the area. Keeping your hot tub in top-notch condition should always be your primary goal if you plan to keep those unwanted pests away.

Be sure to follow these tips from one of the best hot tub dealers in Bucks County, PA if you wish to keep your hot tub free from pests, while at the same time, keeping it in good condition. Do not let pests invade and ruin your hot tub.

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