Problem with Cloudy Water? Time to clean your filters!

A few posts back we started discussing water clarity and some of the basic factors that contribute to it. If you missed the first article, click here to read about how often you should drain your water.

When is the last time you cleaned your filters?
Now this question doesn’t apply to all hot tub owners. For example, if you have an 880 series Sundance spa, you shouldn’t clean your filter! You should throw away the filter and purchase a new one every 6-9 months. The same applies to the small white micro-clean filter that many Sundance spas use. That should be replaced every 3-4 months.

Most standard “paper” pleated filters do need to be chemically cleaned every once in awhile. If you’re using BaquaSpa chemicals, we use the 2×2 rule. Every 2 weeks, hose down your filter(s). Every 2 months, soak the filter(s) in the BaquaSpa filter cleaning solution. If you’re on a Chlorine/Silver Ion system, you should soak your filter(s) in a filter cleaning solution every time you drain your spa. With proper care and cleaning, your filter(s) should last anywhere from 1-2 years.

The Tri-X ceramic filter that Hot Spring came out with a few years back has a slightly different care technique. For BaquaSpa users, you should soak the filters in the BaquaSpa filter cleaner at least every 3 months. Do not put the filters in the dishwasher if you’re using BaquaSpa. For Chlorine/Silver Ion systems, we suggest putting the Tri-X filters in the dishwasher occasionally (with no detergent, rinse agent or dry cycle) but also cleaning the filters when you drain the spa with a filter cleaning chemical.


For more detailed information on filter care, read this article on Hot Tub Filter Care.

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