BaquaSpa 101: Helpful Tips part 2

Continuing in our conversation of helpful BaquaSpa tips… (don’t worry if you feel like you’re experiencing deja vu- we’ve discussed a few of these before. But we think they’re really important!)
  • Make sure to put chemicals in your spa weekly regardless of whether you’ve used it or not. This will help to maintain clarity and kill bacteria. Hot tubs will grow bacteria even if no one has been in it.  However, your water balance shouldn’t change- that is effected by people and the environment!
  • Clean your cover! Covers can get musty and trap bacteria in the underside. BaquaSpa does not bleach out the smell like chlorine/bromine systems do. Therefore, it is very important to treat the underside of your cover with a cover cleaning product!
  • If you have a hot tub that has a blower system (like the 880 series Sundance Spas) make sure the blower isn’t on when you put the baqua chemicals in.  The Sanitizer (step #3) attaches to bacteria and immediately turns it into a thick scum and attaches that scum to the waterline of the spa (which, by the way, is why you need waterline control- Step #1!). The blower doesn’t move the sanitizer-coated bacteria to the edges of the spa and ultimately into the filter.  So turn off your blower bubbles and turn on the jets!
  • After the first week of ownership, hose off your filter REALLY WELL!
  • Remember the 2 by 2 rule: every 2 weeks, hose off the filter. Every 2 months, soak your filter(s) in the BaquaSpa filter cleaning solution.
  • Be exact! BaquaSpa works best when you’re as exact with the measurements as you can be! (Try our measuring cup!)
Okay that’s it- you’re an expert now! GO RELAX AND ENJOY your spa!

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