Preparing for the Cold

Tips to Prepare your hot tub for the Cold weather:


  • Make sure your spa is working! This might sound obvious, but if you’ve had your spa empty or unused since the hot summer, you’ll want to fill it up and make sure everything is working! You wouldn’t want to have accidental freeze damage from a malfunctioning heater!
  • Fill your spa if you’re not planning on having it winterized (see below for more info. on winterization!). Try to do this for the last time in November- so you’re not stuck doing it during below freezing temperatures!
  • Check your cover for cracks or abnormalities where water might be able to get in (and then freeze and make your cover weigh a TON during the winter months!) If you find anything unusual, you might want to think about ordering a new hot tub cover
  • Adjust your cover straps to make sure they’re tight. This will also help conserve energy by minimizing heat loss!
  • Protect your cover with 303. It’s not only effective against the sun’s UV rays but also against drying out and cracking through the colder months: 303 Vinyl Protectant
  • Soak or replace those filters! Nobody wants to be soaking filters in buckets of ice come January
  • Treat the synthetic cabinet with 303 as well!
  • Keep your temperature at the desired usage setting! Don’t drop your temp and raise it again before using the tub, it will cost a lot more money in electric that way.
  • Top off your water before putting your hose away for the winter, nothing like having to drag the hose out a day after putting it away!
  • Don’t forget to brush snow off of your cover- they aren’t designed to bear weight and will warp or crack under snow load!
  • USE your tub! This is the best tip! Get in it! There’s no better time! Be warm, relaxed and rejuvenated during the cold and bland winter days! Spice up the whole season by getting in your tub at least once per day!

And, as always, give us a call or come in & visit us at one of our 3 convenient hot tub showrooms

-Happy Hot-Tubbing!

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