Purge your Spa

We all know that after awhile, the sinks and drains in our house get backed up with gunk that needs to be flushed out!  That’s when we run to the store and grab our Drain-O.

Did you realize the same thing can happen with your hot tub pipes? It is a good idea to flush out the “gunk” throughout your hot tub system every few times you drain and clean your spa.

We carry a product called Spa Purge that works wonders! You pour the whole bottle in your spa before you drain the water, and while it drains through the system, it pushes out all the organic contaminants that have gotten stuck in your pipes.  This process not only purges your spa of the organic build-up, it improves the performance of your spa! Best yet, it’s made by Natural Chemistry, which is a safe and non-toxic chemical line that we carry.

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